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When you have a team of hard working, dedicated, and talented members, there isn't much you can't conquer. 
Oilfield and Pipe Fabrication

Oilfield is our bread and butter. We can do the best pipe work or build  frac equipment from the ground up. Over the course of our business we have had up to 40.  We have built production pads, well hook ups, flow lines, and pipeline work. Repaired and built frac equipment for multiple customers. And built many different types of skids for different applications. 

Structural Fabrication

 From small repairs to large structural jobs our team can meet your needs to get your project done. No drawings, no problem, although drawings are needed for a lot of large projects, we have done hundreds of projects, some of them large with no drawings at all. If you can explain what you need we can do it.

Custom Part Fabrication

Custom parts are a huge part of our company. We have designed and built parts for lift kits on trucks, impossible parts for vehicles that you can't buy in a store, and even custom parts for a home or your custom projects that you can't find the parts for. If you have a drawing or dimensions of a part or if you need us to look at the application we can get that part made and to you in a timely manner. 

Food and Medical Grade Fabrication

We have multiple years experience with food and medical grade stainless steel pipe work and fabrication, from small repair jobs to large projects, we know the importance of doing the job right.

Specialty Metal Fabrication 

It is a very uncommon trade to find people who can work with specialty metals and do a good job. It takes a very particular set of skills to be able to weld metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and many more. Yet we are not just capable but we do an outstanding job with these materials.

Mobile Welding Repair

Our team is very experienced with mobile work and we are set up and equipped well to handle mobile jobs. We have multiple mobile units, and do work for oilfield, commercial, or residential.

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