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Over our course of business the last 32 years, we have covered anything from structural steel fabrication and erection, pipe work-carbon and stainless, oilfield equipment build and rebuild, food and medical grade stainless pipe work, aluminum and stainless fabrication, parts manufacturing,  and many more welding projects.  We are skilled with all welding processes. We have always put forth our very best work and believe in an honest job for honest pay, we have always went above and beyond with our work to always make sure the customer is not only satisfied but very pleased with our work. At M & H we always strive for excellence in everything we do.


Our team has a broad spectrum of skills. M&H ENT. INC. will conquer any challenge you throw at us, with or without designed drawings we can get your project done.With our high end CNC Plasma table, milling machine, band saws, ironworker, benders, presses and complete working shop we have the capability of doing any type and size of project.  From as small as taking a photograph and cutting it out of  steel and creating beautiful art to hang on a wall to a million dollar equipment build or pipe job.

Our company has a broad spectrum of resources. Due to our experience and our relationships with other companies we can get whatever you need for your project at a competitive cost compared to other metal fabrication companies. our equipment includes a CNC mill, CNC plasma table, CNC pipe cutter, Pipe bending, Iron worker, specialty welders, Large Bandsaw and anything you could possibly need to get your project from an idea to a reality.

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